Saturday, March 18, 2006

Regular Wednesday Night Story Salon Show (Click PODCAST)

Originally posted Thursday, March 17, 2006 by Lance Anderson for the Story Salon Podcast. The Official Podcast of STORY SALON, Southern California's Longest Running, Regularly Performing Live Storytelling Ensemble.

Beverly Mickins hosts a regular Wednesday Night Story Salon at The Fix... Performers in order of appearance: Paul Jacek, Kate Donovan, Les Kurkendaal, Lauri Fraser, Winn Goulden, Dan Farren, Tony Figueora, Steve Robinson, Lisa Orkin & Lance Anderson...

74 Minutes / 33.9 MB / Rated: R (Some Adult Content)...

All Stories are the copy written work of the author/performer. Please be advised.... Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Handwritten Theatre Five: "One side is windy, the other is not." (Click PODCAST)

Handwritten Theatre is a series of brief dramatic pieces originally composed in a Small Black Notebook with a Fountain Pen by Joseph Dougherty.

"One side is windy, the other is not."
Performed by Donna Allen Figueroa and Moira Quirk. The original engineering for the project was done by Lance Anderson.